In very short:
This is a fansite from a die hard fan of Rockstar, built purely upon the excitement for their  upcoming Sony PlayStation 3 title; ‘Agent’.

To provide you with the most up to date information for the game and to become a site that you feel comfortable visiting and knowing you’ve got all the Agent news you need.


  • Honesty – No matter what is going down during production of this game, I will always be honest about my opinion of the game. That is if I feel the need to give my opinion.
  • Hype be gone – As I am a fan, of course I will be hyped. But I am not a blind one. I do not work for or have any association with Rockstar or any of their associates. This means there will be no spin on negatives.
  • Opinions are like a-holes… – This is foremost a news site. Any opinion piece will be clearly categorised as “Opinion” (bottom of the post). I will at no stage try to pass my opinions forward as fact.

Thank you
Thank you for checking out the site and I hope you enjoy your stay.


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