Rockstar Games: ‘We don’t have anything new to pass along’…

I thought after five years of silence the least I could do is e-mail Rockstar to get the latest on Agent. Not surprisingly, they weren’t willing to say much:

Dear Rockstar Games,

I run the fan site/blog – – and was wondering if I can have anything to post about AGENT? Even something generic like “we are excited for your interest and the game is still in development” and what-not.

It has been five years now since the announcement (granted, it was by Sony and not you) and no other info has come out. The game being vaporware is a pretty logical assumption at this point. Just anything to think otherwise would be highly appreciated.

Thank you,

Their reply:

Hey Masteratt,

Thanks for the email. We don’t have anything new to pass along regarding Agent. However we do appreciate you took the time to send us your message, and for all your hard work on your website!

Rockstar Games

At least we know they are not ignoring Agent stuff though and I can’t recall an announced and cancelled Rockstar game to date, so we just have to be more patient.

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